Vue par le Québec

Social media self-promotion group

You probably know that standing out on social media is increasingly difficult compared to the number of people and companies already active. And with good reason, because it is now statistically proven that a company absent from its platforms is very likely not to survive or not to achieve its desired returns. Just as a project can never see the light of day by this same lack of visibility.

Although the task seems simple, it is essential to acquire an audience in order to properly expose yourself to new customers or new visitors. It is no longer enough to have the most brilliant idea, it must first be visualized and distributed in order to be recognized at its true value.

In light of these assertions, this is where the importance of a group like ours begins. To summarize, we are; An audience already acquired from Quebec who advocates the publication of content and who know the importance of being active on social networks.


Free content

Our philosophy is that visual art should be a passion before a livelihood. For this reason, we have made the decision to make our unused creations available to the Pixabay community. Their simplified license allows content to be downloaded for free, modified without permission, and used for personal or commercial purposes without attribution.

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