All the ways to contact us

Social networks have an important role in our lives for several years. Do not hesitate to follow us, like our page and comment on our publications. We are available at all times to respond to your messages.

Search us with tag @Concretise and @SConcretise and you will find our official page or click this direct link to see our presence

We have created a Discord server in order to keep close contact with our customers. No more sending an email or texting when you have a question. Chat in real time with our team.

Use our direct invitation link

If your question is urgent or more confidential, you can contact us by phone. For better time efficiency, our call pick-up hours are limited, but you can reach us between our call-taking hours.

Toll free and fax number: 1-855-337-5267 

And the most popular method for keeping track of exchanges, emails method. You can contact us at our general address or visit the presentation page to choose an email from a team’s member.

Customer service:

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