Services aux entreprises


Concrétise is mainly a service company, but has several areas of expertise such as administration, accounting and even artistic development. We have therefore decided to choose a personalized approach for our clients who will respect your values, your requirements and your objectives. Compared to our competitors, you will notice that our prices are not mentioned on our company page, because we refuse to categorize our customers and to interpret an acceptance of an offer of service as a simple contract. We believe that each client has different needs and should be treated differently.

For this reason most of our services unfortunately require a more in-depth study of your business which will reveal the best service offering for your situation. We therefore invite you to consult our services offered and to contact us for a quote. They are free, do not commit you to anything and after a small interview with a member of our team, we will be sure that we can make the difference in the achievement of your entrepreneurial goals.

Main services offered

Assistance with administrative tasks

Optimize your time by delegating your boring tasks

Administrative tasks can become redundant for a business owner, even after only one year of operation. Additionally, you may have other more important tasks to attend to. Delegate them and focus on the evolution of your business or take advantage of it to improve your time management.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Creation documents and reports
  • Cost calculation

We will perform your tasks, because we are your assistant.

Creation of visual media

Let your ideas come to true easily

The visual aspect of a company has never been so important with competition present in all walks of life. Time or lack of knowledge should never limit you in the realization of your artistic projects. All your ideas deserve, for the vitality of your business, to be materialized and carried out, according to your requirements.

  • Shooting of products
  • Corporate video creation
  • Event coverage

We will attach paramount importance to your image, because we know that in the end ours will depend on yours.