In order to give you an overview of our know-how, you will find some achievements made by members of our team. With their years of experience, they will be able to fulfill your expectations for the realization of your visual projects.

Mokat Kréation

A craftswoman from Trois-Rivières asked us to create an image according to certain criteria representing her tastes and her passion. This image, which was intended to improve its visibility on social networks and create visual supports such as business cards, is now used generally for all its creations, as well as representing it at events.

NJS Auto

NJSAuto is a car dealership in the Trois-Rivières region. The owner who gave us the mandate had some criteria regarding the color and the likeness of the vehicle. It was a pleasure to take up the proposed challenge and design this visual for him, which can now be used for his business. Subsequently, we also adapted it to make a banner during the sale of vehicles.


Realization: only graphics
Size: High resolution 1200 DPI
Support: USB key, folders, website, and more

scAVANTAGES gave us the mandate to create a logo and a background image for their company’s website. Subsequently, the logo was used for several promotional items.

Mascot for the firefly daycare center

A family environment asked us to create a logo according to very specific criteria. The owner of the middle wanted to make it possible to have an easily colorable image for children from 0 to 4 years old. This firefly drawing, representing the name of the environment, was created to be used also on several materials such as diaries and notices to parents.

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