What does Concrétise company?

We are a company based in Trois-Rivières that offers a wide range of services in several sectors of activity to lighten the daily tasks of owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.

We know that being a business leader involves many responsibilities and that certain tasks can prevent you from progressing optimally to achieve your business goals.

In addition, we also know that it can be difficult to have a skilled workforce, whether temporary or permanent. The main idea behind our service offers is that you could develop your ideas freely and thus realize all your projects to adequately grow your business.

We have therefore developed certain flat-rate services in order to carry out your administrative, creative and even media tasks.

From making a telephone appointment to developing your promotional video, you will find satisfaction in the creativity, performance and dedication of our company to yours.

The mission of the company

Offer the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises professional assistance at competitive cost for the execution of their tasks in order to allow them to optimize the management of their free time and to devote themselves to their real priority.

The origin of this company

The story of Concrétise begins with a man’s desire to help your business, with his dedication and versatility, as well as actively participate in its success.

But let’s go back a little earlier to the beginning in 2007 …

The person’s greatest flaw versatility

The founder and owner was fond of finance and administration in general. In order to achieve his ambitions, he began training at Cégep de Trois-Rivières in Business Management. During his session off, he held seasonal jobs as a tourist office agent, assistant to convenience stores, and many other jobs unrelated to each other other than their administrative tasks.

Accumulating the right references in all his jobs, he ends up questioning his career choice. “Should I become a convenience store manager? Or rather a travel agent?” he says to him. Unfortunately, job to job, He loved everything he touched. This questioning led him to quit his technique without completing it for two sessions. We can say that he was on the right track to become the man with a thousand jobs!

The desire to always improve in order to help

It was then that he embarked on non-profit organizations in order to actively participate in the cultural social development of his neighborhood by organizing carnivals, summer parties and several other important events in his city. This role allowed him to develop his creative side and with the help of his ease in information, he also took care of the flyers and the creation of advertising posters. After 4 years, he ended up applying in a more important position, the treasury of the organism.

Unfortunately, a nonprofit doesn’t pay the personal bills, but as always his position got him to like what he did and prompted him to take a course in accounting. With his foundation already acquired in college, he completed his course quickly and found himself in the job market.

Participate in everyone’s success

Through his dedication, he could have ended his career in one company, but he realized after several years that it was time to take another step and pass his knowledge to other companies. The primary goal of a human being is to improve, but also to achieve. It is for this reason that he decided to return to the basis of his choice of career, but by combining his passions and his values to become entrepreneurs in business assistance services.

So if you ask me: What is the story of Realize? We answer you: “It is the story of the will of a man to want to help your company, by his dedication and his versatility, as well as to participate actively in its success.”

A team that works for you

Jean-Philippe L.

General manager

A graduate in Accounting, he has been passionate about photography, video editing, finance and IT from a young age.

His versatility and ease of adaptation have often led him to question his career choices.

Over the years, he has been able to deepen his knowledge with the help of several training courses he received at Cégep de Trois-rivières, the Bel-Avenir vocational training center and some webinars.

He has several years of experience to his credit in many sectors of activity which make him an ideal candidate for your future projects.

Its portfolio contains several projects from companies and organizations that have trusted it.

Kathleen B.


Having the concern of a job well done and the mania to make sure to offer the maximum, she is a go-getter, is not afraid of challenges and especially of meeting them successfully.

The good quality / price ratio, the full stop at the end of the sentence, nothing escapes him.

We can safely say that it is an asset that a company cannot afford to ignore and do without.

Allow yourself peace of mindmore free timea job well donebetter freedomWhat is happening!