Date Modified: 2023-07-22

This section aims to let you know the terms of use and distribution of our brand elements. Concrétise is concerned about its image and confers rights with regard to its brand under common law without it being officially registered. The illustration representing Concrétise is also protected by copyright and may not be used, redistributed or modified without respecting the standards established and mentioned on this page.

  • Do not reproduce the mark and only use the files mentioned on this page
  • Do not modify the colors, the format, as well as the proportion of the brand image
  • Use only for SEO purpose
  • Do not appropriate the brand or the affiliation
  • Do not combine the brand’s image with any other content that may be detrimental to a legal person or an organization
  • Do not use the image if the quality (pixelation) cannot be respected

Concrétise – Logo – Version 2.0

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Concrétise – Icon – Version 2.0

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Concrétise reserves the right to revoke this limited license at any time without notice, even if the terms of use are respected. Our authorization is usually not required if the terms mentioned above are met. You can contact us if you have any doubts about the legality of your use of our brand and send us a request if you need a specific adaptation for one of your projects.


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We would like to warn you that no request regarding this license will be processed by phone.

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